Canvas Prints

Soapbox Media Works was already working with RCX Offroad, providing promotional decals, banners and clothing when they came to us for a wrap of their Temperature Rising Monster Truck. Ryan at RCX already had a vision of what he was looking for in a wrap, we just helped him lock down some of the specifics and details before getting going on the project.

This truck travels on a pro circuit and takes a lot of wear and tear during shows where it spends 90% of the time in the air... I am sure this is not the last we have seen of this monster!

Driver Side

We created a custom Wordmark for the truck/wrap


The RCX guys are always pushing their brand to gain new customers and fans. We made sure the final design fully promoted them and their brand.

Tough Truck

We have already replaced the hood section once as it was torn off during a "rough" landing. New Matte Black bumper section.

Tail Gate

The truck is a fiberglass mold of a Ford F-250, the only removable section was the tailgate. The rest was wrapped as one piece.

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