Polaris RZR Wrap

Local Kemptville business owner Scott Hodges contacted us with a request to wrap a toy Polaris RZR for his daughter's birthday... How do you pass up on that!

We had 100% creative freedom, it just had to look fast and cool! We came up with a design that turned a plain red RZR 900 into a tricked out purple and pink custom ride for a lady who loves speed!

Projects like this one are what we live for, very different and really satisfying to see how much she loved it!

Custom Wrap

Full covered all original red plastic other than the shock towers, they were later painted black.

Added Bonus

We always print a couple extra decals for every job incase of an error or issue, it is easier to have an extra rather than re-print. Once we finished the wrap we used the left over "trouble Maker" decals to give the RZR a little extra customization.

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